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A/C Clutch Cycle Pressure Switch for Chrysler PT Cruiser Dodge Neon Jeep Liberty

(Pressure Switch and Sensor)

Product Code: 31849072
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  • A/C Clutch Cycle Pressure Switch

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Manufacturer Part Number
OEM Part Number

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Aftermarket products
1711518. 19188158. 20922. MT1191. MT1007. SW11097C. SW11162C. 5016417AA. 4897613AA. 301873. 211-1160. SANMT1009. 5015872AB. 5015872AC. 5018745AA. 55056035AA. 5080867AA. 5093082AA. 5096126AA. 5096126AB. 5096290AA. 5140327AA. 5170126AA. 5058138AA. 5058213AA. 5058325AA. 5058487AA. 5058736AA. 5072200AA
Manufacturer replacement warranty
90 days (3 months)
Direct replacement
Does not apply

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  • Chrysler PT Cruiser Dodge Neon Jeep Liberty
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YL-1857
  • OEM Part Number:1711518, 19188158, 20922, MT1191, MT1007, SW11097C, SW11162C, 5016417AA, 4897613AA, 301873, 211-1160, SANMT1009, 5015872AB, 5015872AC, 5018745AA, 55056035AA, 5080867AA, 5093082AA, 5096126AA, 5096126AB, 5096290AA, 5140327AA, 5170126AA, 5058138AA, 5058213AA, 5058325AA, 5058487AA, 5058736AA, 5072200AA
  • Vehicle Applications
  • 2007-2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser L4-148ci 2.4L MFI
  • 2005-2002 Dodge Neon L4-122ci 2.0L MFI,L4-122ci 2.0L MPI
  • 2005-2003 Dodge Neon L4-148ci 2.4L MFI
  • 2006-2002 Jeep Liberty V6-226ci 3.7L MFI
  • 2006-2005 Jeep Liberty L4-171ci 2.8L CDI
  • 2006 Jeep Liberty V6-226ci 3.7L MPI
  • 2005-2002 Jeep Liberty L4-148ci 2.4L MFI
  • 2000 Jeep Wrangler L4-150ci 2.5L MFI,L6-242ci 4.0L MFI,L6-242ci 4.0L MPI
  • 2000 Jeep Wrangler L4-150ci 2.5L MFI,L4-150ci 2.5L MPI,L6-242ci 4.0L MFI,L6-242ci 4.0L MPI